CONTACT LENSES AND COVID-19 – it’s safe or not


today we gonna talk about contact lenses and covid-19 because many people are so serious about this,
it really safe to wear contact lenses in covid-19 and every person just want to know,
if they use safely them contact lense, so today our topic is- contact lenses and covid-19,

hello, I’m Nigel a senior optometrist at Specsavers we’ve seen some questions,
relating to contact lenses and coronavirus and we’d like to provide some advice,
on that, there is a lot of misinformation around contact lenses and coronavirus,
and I would like to reassure you that wearing contact lenses is safe in covid-19,

however before putting your lenses in before taking your lens at art it is very important,
that you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water, and ideally you would dry them with it with a clean paper tile,
we would always advise you to wash your hands using soap, and water and however if that option is not available, then you could use a hand sanitizer the concerns with hand in covid-19,

sanitizer is that most of them contain alcohol, and if you get that alcohol onto
your contact lens, and put it into your eye it’s going to stink, ok so you need to make sure either that all of the hand sanitizers is rubbed in thoroughly, or you might even need to clean your finger with it with a clean dry cloth, before putting the lens in a respective of whether you’re wearing monthly or daily in covid-19,

Disposable contact lenses

you’re normally still putting them in the night, once a day so in terms of how often,
you’re touching your face there isn’t really any difference, I think what’s
important is that before you handle any contact lens,

you wash your hands thoroughly first of all if you are wearing monthly lenses, which are
required to be stored overnight, just make sure that you’re doing exactly what your optician told you especially in covid-19,

do in terms of storing and disinfecting those lenses, we advise that you replace your contact
lens case at least every month, and in the morning when you put your lenses,
what you should do is, first of all, discard any solution, in the case make sure, it’s completely empty, rinse it out with some fresh solution, and then just turn it over and leave it upside down, to dry to air dry on a piece of clean,

tissue paper as long as you’re washing

your hands thoroughly there’s no need to wear surgical gloves when you’re putting
in your contact lenses, if anything putting in a pair of contact lenses,
those territorial gloves on could be quite tricky, if you’ve been advised to
use Comfort drops either, because you suffer from dry eyes or because just to
make your lens is more comfortable, then the advice would be that you should

continue to use them if you stop using them, chances are your eyes are going to
feel less comfortable, and you’re probably gonna rub them, more than you would have done anyway, however before you put those comfort drops, and it is important that you do wash your hands, thoroughly just to reduce the risk of any infection, if you’re not sure about
the best way to look after your contact lenses, then JUST be with us and make sure you follow all of those tips before you apply, and contact lense,

You should be always aware those the following problems

  • Eyes stinging, burning, irritation itching or another kind of eye pain,
  • Comfortless and itchy than when the lens was first time placed on your eye,
  • the feeling Abnormal of something in your eye -foreign body, scratched area-
  • Excessive watering (tearing) of the eyes,
  • Unusual eye secretions,
  • Redness of the eyes,
  • Reduced sharpness of vision (poor visual acuity),
  • Blurred vision, rainbows, or halos around objects,
  • Sensitivity to light (photophobia),
  • Dry eyes,

If you notice any of the above symptoms: Immediately remove your lenses.

Environmental Allergens

Your eyes may become irritated when there are large amounts of environmental allergens such as dust or dander.
These are allergens can stick to the face of lenses, causing irritation for the wearing lenses in covid-19,

Contact Lens Associated Dry Eyes

People with dry eyes may not produce enough tears to keep their eyes moist and lubricated.
This may create discomfort when they wear contact lenses.
Dry eyes may be inherent (associated with a number of medical conditions)
or acquired (linked with risk factors such as smoking, computer use, caffeine, certain medications, and more).

Handling Contact Lenses: Wearing and starting off contact lenses is also cumbersome for a few people, especially within the initial days, and if your eye power is high. Some people also find it difficult to spot if the lens system is inside out. Below are some critical rules of the thumb to follow, so you’ll handle your contact lenses better.

Meticulous hand hygiene:

Ensure you wash your hands properly with soap and water to avoid eye infections, before both wearing, and taking of contact lenses.
Make sure your nails are clipped to avoid injury to your cornea and to forestall tearing your contact lenses,

Make sure you’ve got placed on and brought off your lenses independently, a minimum of twice before you walk out of your eye care provider’s chambers. If you’re not confident in handling your lenses, ask your doctor to repeat the steps with you yet one more time.

To make sure that your lens isn’t inside out, place it on your finger. you may see that it’s sort of a cup. Hold it up directly ahead of your eyes. If it’s sort of a bowl, or a curved “U”, its okay. If the perimeters appear to flare, sort of a bowl with a rim, it’s inside out. Usually, if you wear the lens with the incorrect side in, it doesn’t cause any damage, except feeling you’ll then take it out, and reinsert it, right side,

important notice

make sure to follow all the manufacturer’s and all recommendations, like clean well your lenses with each use,
and always replacing them as schedule your eye care professional recommended for you. generally,
This is one of the best ways to ensure your lenses stay comfortable well and clean your eyes and stay healthy in covid-19,

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