COVID-19 infections stronger worldwide – WHO warns against the apathy

There were 351,335 new infections cases reported worldwide on Tuesday on a seven-days of average, the figure of covid-19 cases falling from 863,737 on Jan 7. There were 17,649 new deaths on Jan 26, and falling to 10,957 on Feb 16.

LONDON reports: Daily covid-19 infections cases have been falling across the world for more than a month and also on Tuesday,
Feb 16 hit their lowest since, in mid-October, Reuters figures now show that, but the healths experts warned us just too against apathy, even as we know vaccines are also being rolled out worldwide.

infected cases Falling in infections, and deaths coincide with the lockdowns and severe curbs on gatherings, and but what the movement as governments weigh, the need to stop successive waves of the pandemic, with the need to get people back to the work and the children back to thier school.

How dangerous is the virus?

There are three types of parameters to understand in order to assess the magnitude of the real risk posed by novel covid-19:

Rate Transmission (Ro) – number of newly infected people from a single case
Case Rate of Fatality -CFR – percent of the cases and that what result in death
Determine whether the asymptomatic transmission is possible,

Age and gender of the first deaths as we got reported by the Health Commission of China,

The NHC reported the all details of the first their 17 deaths, just up to 24 pm on this January 22. The deaths were included, 13 males and 4 females. The median age of the deaths was in 75 age and the range 48-89 years. -21-,

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